Your Healthy Journey Starts Here.

Your Healthy Journey Starts Here.

Discover a nutrition and weight loss program that is right for you with our personalized wellness programs.

Our experienced and knowledgable dietitian is here to help guide you in achieving your personal wellness goals. We offer a wide variety of weight management programs that are customized to your specific lifestyle, as well as diabetes counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Nutrition Counseling:

Learn how to eat a healthy, low calorie diet by using simple techniques which will not only assist in weight loss but will also lead to healthier lifestyle changes moving forward. By using our "checks and balances" system, you will never have to count calories again. Portion sizes become the main focus which will eventually become a way of life.

Three Day Detox:

Need to lose a few extra pounds quickly? Our three day detox uses clean eating techniques to allow the body to release toxins and water weight quickly. This is a great way to lose a few pounds prior to an upcoming occasion and make a special dress or bathing suit fit better, or as a pre-cursor to a new diet program.

Diabetes Counseling:

Learn how to live with diabetes by counting carbohydrates and making lifestyle changes which will help to lower and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Our dietitian is certified in diabetes management through the American Association of Diabetes Educators and using American Diabetes Association curriculum. Learn how to control carb intake by counting "carb choices" instead of carb grams. Simplify your life by learning how to simplify your diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Body Composition Scale

Body Composition testing is offered during regular office visits with our dietitian, and is a great tool for keeping track of how your body distributes weight. It measures body fat percentage and pounds, visceral fat, water percentage and pounds, BMI, basal metabolic rate, and more.

Lipoprotein (MIC) Injections:

Weekly injections of B-vitamins and chromium will assist in fat burning and speed up metabolism. Lipoprotein injections are an excellent addition to any healthy lifestyle or weight loss program.

Prescription Nutrition:

Low calorie diet programs including high quality meal replacement bars, shakes, puddings, soups, etc., in addition to regular groceries. By using our personalized app, Bluetooth scale and protein meal replacements you will learn how to choose the right foods and eventually replace meal replacements with regular grocery items. Low calorie diet programs allow your body to reset metabolism and exchange bad habits for good eating habits. You will also learn why you make the choices you make, why you have bad habits, etc. by focusing on cognitive behavioral therapy practices during each session with our dietitian. After this 16 week program you will have changed negative behaviors which will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. *STAR maintenance program available.

Weight Loss Transformations